Detroit meets Boston.

Founded on the premise that simple music played with energy, creativity, and attitude will get the feet stomping and booties shaking, the Grinds were born in late summer of 2010 when Detroit-native Erin Wickens decided to start a band that would fuse elements of her motown/garage roots with the Boston punk scene.

Recruiting from a pool of close friends, Wickens nabbed good pal and frontlady for the Spoilers, Chrissy Vaccaro, to play guitar and sing; her former roommate Nate Bisbee, who plays bass in the Tenafly Vipers, to play lead guitar; Daniel Sussman of the Acro-Brats to play bass; and his brother Eliahu, who plays drums in both the Tenafly Vipers and the Acro-Brats, to man the throne for this new group.

Following up on their warmly received debut EP, "Whatcha Lookin At?" the Grinds' second recording is slated for release in the Spring of 2012.

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